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Little Bee - Chris Cleave


First of all let me start by say this is the first time I have read a book and been equally satisfied and frustrated at the same time upon its completion!

Some of the scenes in the book frustrate me to no end… 2 Nigerian girls, one who is raped and beaten to death because a white man doesn’t chop off a finger at the request of a soldier, and one that has to flee Nigeria to stay alive, without her sister… because said white man’s wife had more balls than her husband and chopped off her own. Or the patois used by a Jamaican girl in the book that is so way off to how patois should actually be written (yes I’m protective of Jamaican culture now). 

However, I’m torn between the positives I feel about this book too. I do give credit to the writers ability to switch simultaneously between the view of two different characters in the book, and the way he allowed both characters to feed of each others pain and vulnerability in order to get through their individual struggles as well as the struggles they faced together.

Do I have a rating out of ten for the novel? No, because even having read it, and then re-read it I still am unsure about how I feel, or whether my liking or disliking to the text override one another. Good job Chris Cleave in making me the most frustrated I have ever been after reading a book though!

Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.
- H. Jackson Brown

Happy Valentine's Day to my husband

I am not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day but the above quote rings completely true. Happy Valentines Day to my husband, Neville.

Art doesn’t transform. It just plain forms. - Roy Lichtenstein

Art by Roy Lichtenstein


Proudly facing the masses
… this is him.

Years of struggle form his dedicated soul
… his revolutionary soul,
A soul on a mission to create change,
… and enlighten others through change.

Pen lines, brush strokes… fine crafted ideas
concepts of pure and raw emotions.
He creates art, he is art
and his art is his life.
Without it……………………. he is nothing.

He proudly displays his colours,
a culture built on passion, beliefs… pride.
His colours define him.
His colours encourage him.
His colours are him.
…and I love him


 Dedicated to Him


The idea of you came to me, filling me with more satisfaction that one would comprehend. The creation of you ignited a fire in me that had long been distinguished by the turmoil and politics of a biased crowd. Just when I thought I had lost all hope for you, light shone through. The first born by two minds who shared a communal passion and appreciation for you alike. From proud parents to an expansion of uncles, cousins, friends… all joining to nurture you to full potential. For a while you laid low but you have resurfaced and this is the year of you! I will protect you and guide you until you have everyone watching you. You brought me back to life, and for that I will make YOU shine.

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings." - Salvador Dali